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I have a strong ability of market researching, focus on your requests, advice on proper pricing, build a comprehensive marketing strategy, negotiate strategically, guide you through every transaction and make the buying/selling process hassle-free from beginning to end.




What It Takes to Buy a Home

Purchasing a house tends to be the most expensive purchase people make in their lifetime, so it is ideal to be as well prepared as you can be. Here are four things you should keep in mind when buying a home:


Understanding of Your Finances

Before buying, understand how much you can realistically afford without jeopardizing your finances. Make an appointment with a mortgage advisor to determine the maximum amount you are able to borrow.


Your Needs, Goals and Desires

Determine exactly what you are looking for: the number of bedrooms, dimension of the yard, locations of shops and schools, privacy and open spaces or proximity to main services etc. You should also consider your needs over the years to come.


Don’t Skip the Home Inspection

Home Inspections are worth the investment. It is really the only way to get an unbiased third-party opinion. They can flag problems you may not otherwise see and give buyer peace of mind.


Time and Patience

Almost everything in the home buying process takes time, from the research of available properties to the transaction between the buyer and seller. While some people get lucky and find what they’re looking for in a couple of days, it is perfectly fine to take you time to get you a right property at the right price.

The Things You Need to Sell Your House

Selling your home takes more than just posting a listing and hoping for the best. Having the correct skills and mindset can help you sell your house quicker and for even more money than you might expect. Here are four qualities that can help you in your house selling:


Understanding of the Market

A well-priced home will generate competing offers and drive up the final sale value. Understanding this as well as the real estate trends in the local areas will help you decide on the optimal selling period and price etc.


Ability to Market

To make your home the most appealing to potential buyers, you will clean the home, set home staging, and position the property through the high quality photography and descriptions. Figuring out the best story will attract solid prospective buyers.



Not all properties are in a hot neighborhood where houses get sold as fast as they’re listed. Having contingencies is preferable for when things don’t go exactly as planned. You also need to be ready to accommodate interested parties whenever they come to see your house.


Choosing the Best Offer

Study offers carefully and try to find elements you can adjust to be more favorable to you. Consider each condition and ask yourself if that aligns with your overall goal of closing the sale. Remember, it’s best to look at the big picture and choose the most qualified buyer.

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